Pre-Cleaning Inspection

The most important step prior to beginning any cleaning process is the inspection. Here pre-existing problems are discovered, documented and discussed with the home owner so that his or her problems do not become the cleaner's problem and that he or she has a greater understanding of the results.

Cleaning Techniques

At Chemspec we believe no matter what method you use, the proper chemistry is essential.

If you use a truck-mount system for standard cleaning, Formula 90 is your solution. Preconditioning is helpful if the carpet is heavily soiled. A Carpet Specialty prespray should be applied with a dwell time of 10-15 minutes; followed by the claning and flushing action of Formula 90.

Many operators choose liquids because of equipment requirements or for their ease of mixing. Liquid Formula 77 offers all the benefits as well as high performance and heavy-duty cleaning power.

The industry has been challenged to maintain specialized fibers. These carpets have stain-blockers, crush-resistant properties as well as wool blends. The OneClean family of products has been designed to meet these requirements with a thorough and safe formula for cleaning.

For their residential customers, many professionals have turned to prespraying with a specially formulated traffic lane cleaner, then using a rinse solution in their extractor to remove all residuals from the carpet. Chemspec's newest Traffic Lane Cleaner Formula 321 followed by Textile Rinse is a procedure ideally suited for this purpose. PreKleen may be added to Traffic Lane Cleaner for protein-based soil removal.

Additional Services

There are many specialty services that will not be part of every job, yet may be critical for some. Especially beneficial to the consumer are textiles that remain clean and residue free. An added benefit to the customer is to prevent damage to the carpet caused by soil and wear. This is accomplished by applying an approved fluorochemical such as Stainshield Carpet Protector. Also, be aware of other home furnishings and surfaces that may be in need of your professional services.

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