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Traffic Lane Cleaner with Biosolv

The original traffic lane cleaner developed to prespray hard-to-clean areas. Gentle to syntheic fibers yet effective against soil.

One Clean Traffic Lane Cleaner
A highly effective pre-spray for all carpet. Approved by all carpet manufacturers for stain-resistant and wool carpet.

PreKleen Enzyme Soil Lifter
A powerful dual enzyme grease cutting pre-spray which removes proteins and starch based soil from carpet.

Textile Rinse
A mild acid solution used as a final rinse to stabilize color and minimize residue. For use in extraction systems and as a post spray.

Crystal Defoamer
Eliminates troublesome foaming from detergent residues left in carpet or upholstery.

Browning Treatment
Removes cellulosic browning from carpet and upholstery.

Anti-Static Spray with Soil Retardant
Prevents static electricity in carpet while repelling dry soil.

TLC (Traffic Lane Cleaner) Formula 321
A new hi-tech, phosphate-free traffic lane cleaner. The first 32:1 dilution ratio of its kind.

An additive designed to boost the cleaning power of all cleaning detergents.

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