Successful spotting requires the performance of some basic techniques and the ability to indentify the source of the spot. Once the spot has been properly identified, the correct reagents (chemical substance used) can be selected to safely remove the spot.
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Professional Spotting Kit

The most complete professional spotting kit in the industry is also child-proof.

Rust Remover
New and improved to remove rust stains from carpet, upholstery and other textile surfaces.

Specialized product removes stubborn paint, oil, grease and tar. Conviently packaged.

Volatile Solvent
Designed to remove stubborn oil-based spots. For use on all solvent soluble spots.

Acetic Acid
Safe and effective acid spot remover.

Ammonia 7%
For use on spots which require an alkaline product.

Enzyme Detergent
Removes protein-based spots.

Neutral Detergent
A neutral pH spotting detergent.

Reducing Agent
Effective against old stains on all textile surfaces.

Wet Solvent
A powerful degreaser.

Soaks up rewicking spills from carpet and upholstery.

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