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Double Strength In-Plant

Super concentrated powder for cleaning of loose rugs with in-plant equipment.

Liquid In-Plant Detergent
Highly concentrated liquid for cleaning of loose rugs with in-plant equipment.

Oriental Rug Shampoo
Neutral pH cleaner for shampooing of Oriental rugs or other wool carpets.

Colorfast for Rugs
An acid side extraction cleaner for delicate Oriental rugs.

Rx for Browning
Oxygen-releasing bleach which corrects browning on undyed cotton rug fringes.

An insect-resistant agent for treating wool rugs.

Textile Rinse
A mild acid solution used as a final rinse to stabilize color and minimize residue. For use in extraction systems and as a post-spray.

In-Plant For Wool
A mildly alkaline detergent for use in in-plant equipment. Approved for cleaning wool by the International Wool Secretariat.

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