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Formula 161 Soil Retardent Shampoo

The premier soil retardent shampoo. Use with rotary extraction or dry foam carpet cleaning equipment.

Professional Carpet Shampoo with Biosolv
A high quality carpet shampoo, concentrated for economical use.

Enzyme Shampoo
Combines enzymes with detergents to clean hard-to-remove protein-based soils.

Non-Residual Roto-Brite
A fast-drying residue-free bonnet cleaning solution.

Soil Retardent Roto-Brite With Stainshield
The best interim maintenance cleaning and protection combined with Stainshield Carpet Protector.

Removes solvent soluble soil without delamination of carpet. Contains Biosolv, the original D-Limonene-based product.

Professional Spot Lifter
Easy-to-use general spotter for all carpets. Removes even the most stubborn spots.

Spray'N Go
The original powdered coffee stain remover. Mix with water and watch the stains disappear.

HelpMate Coffee and Stain Removal Kit
Attacks a variety of stains which, until now, were considered permanent.

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