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The Rotovac is the greatest improvement in my business since I changed from dry foam to hot water extraction in 1978.

-Michael Livington
37 years in the business

The first customer I cleaned for with the Rotovac looked at her living room when I finished and went into the kitchen without saying a word. Not exactly the response I was looking for. But by the time I had rolled the hoses and put everything away she had lined up three friends for me to clean for. Not leads or prospects, jobs!

-Mark Finnerty
American Carpet Cleaning

Goods arrived safely and have just been used on a fire damaged carpet. -BRILLIANT- it's done a really good job! We are very pleased. Look forward to placing further orders.

United Arab Emirates

In just 2 months I've gotten impressive referrals because our customers are so pleased with the final results of their carpets after cleaning.

The Rotovac does wonders with matted high traffic areas as well as heavily soiled carpets.

The machine will sell itself when demonstrated on the job and I'm glad I bought a Rotovac for my business.

I recommend this machine to anyone in the carpet cleaning business.

-Steve Andrew

We have a light Berber carpet in our den and I have cleaned it many times but over the years, that old traffic lane keeps getting darker. What better place to start but in my own home. I called my wife and said, "This looks like a job for the Rotovac!"

As I started cleaning, I could see the look on her face, not to mention how surprised I was. She said, "let's see what it looks like after it dries."

Later that day when the carpet was dry she said, "I don't believe it, it looks like new, no traffic lane." I had to agree with her.

-James P. Heath
Heath Maintenance Services Corp.

I have been able to increase the amount of carpet I clean per day by 40% without adding any additional employees.

-Richard J. Knox
Owner Magic Wand Carpet Cleaning

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